Mexico 2020 PBM Video Conference

24 October 2020 

Inaugural Program of the Introduction of the National Mexican Patient Blood Management Guidelines & 1st Multidisciplinary Patient Blood Management Congress in Mexico

Program Mexico 2020
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Raúl Anaya

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Prof. Aryeh Shander

Patient Blood Management – What it is and what not!

Dr. Augusto Pérez Calatayud

The Mexican journey to Patient Blood Management

Prof. James Isbister

Are we treating the hematopoietic system with the same respect as every other body system?

Dr. Jesús Ojino Sosa

Official Release of the Mexican Patient Blood Management Guideline

Dr. Leslian Mejía

The patient population in Mexico that will benefit most from PBM: Epidemiological considerations

Prof. Seth Perelman

PBM in surgical populations

Prof. Susan Goobie

PBM in paediatrics and neonatology

Dr. Matti Aapro

PBM in oncology

Dr. Raúl Carrillo Esper

What clinicians and hospital administrators expect from PBM: Improved outcomes and reduced cost

Dr. Amalia Bravo

Pre-empting transfusions with PBM: How the National Blood Service will benefit from PBM

Mtro. Ángel Galván

Why clinical guidelines are necessary but not sufficient to change practice

Kevin Trentino, MPH

The pivotal role of PBM data collection, benchmarking and reporting

Prof. Axel Hofmann

What is needed to successfully manage the six layers of PBM implementation

Sherri Ozawa, RN

Message from the Society for the Advancement of Blood Management

Dr. Yanet Ventura

Experience in the implementation of the PROGRAM

Dr. Ángel Augusto Pérez Calatayud

Concluding comments and farewell